The FAT Honking Sound you're always wanted
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  ......Coming soon in this web page the " Honker " New Harmonica Amp Photos  
ASAP you can have Video Clip too, recorded by : Suitcase Brothers
We designed Honker to be dedicated for harmonica or bluesharp amplification only. This amp features an upgraded preamp circuitry which is capable of handling all the famous harp sounds in the Blues; ranging from authentic early fifties riffs up to heavy overdriven soloing. Specially the smooth overdrive characteristics with enhanced harmonics and reduced harshness, It is tuned for true harp power and fat blues tone . this Combo combines excellent tonal response and low microphonic feedback even at higher volumes:
  • Power Output: 40 watt - ( 38 watt RMS -at 8 ohm ) Push Pull Class A -AB .
  • Speaker: 10" Special Design "made in USA" selected for Fat Vintage sound
  • Two different Mic Inputs : A - B - for Bullet CR CM & Crystal Cartridge.
  • Filtering : for full tonal versatility - Treble - Bass - Presence
  • we added Custom internal setting as Gain & Voice .to be tuned to the specific frequency characteristics of harp, this special internal trimming setting, is be able to pre-shape the tonal qualities of different microphones . and generating more drive if needed ( This Custom setting will be made at our Lab)
  • Alluminium chassis 2 mm, lightweight and sturdy, Cromatizzato High Conductivity
  • PCB professional board FR4 Double layer Point to point at Sockets Tubes
  • Components : - Allen Bradley molded carbon Resistors - Hi-end MKP e WIMA red Capacitors - ElettroliticsCaps 105° long life - New selected Tubes , if requested NOS USA Tubes are offered.
  • Cabinet Finnish birch Plywood joined with phenolic adhesive - Tolex HeavyDuty Covers
  • Dimensions : 44 cm x 42 cm x 24 cm ( B x H x L ) weigth 12 kg
  • standard model price :: 700.oo euro


  Demo Audio Clip Mp3
  Walter Boogie Mp3
  Slow Blues Mp3
  The Demo Audio Clip are been recorded using - EV PL20 - mic as you can see in the photo - directly on Analogic D&R Audio Mixer - no EFX - no EQ - Microfone are : JT30 Crystal MC-151 - and BluexLab Crystal
Honker on Recording Studio
    Click on for download : Walter Boogie Mp3
    ---------------------------Slow Blues Mp3


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